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Bay Leaf

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The Bay Leaves most often are used whole and are removed before serving. Their color can range from a dark brown to green. Also great when added to baked potatoes, cooked with fish, or added to a soup or sauce. In India, bay leaf is often utilized in biryani and rich spicy dishes -though not as a daily ingredient in home cuisines - but as ingredient of garam masala. Their flavor and aroma are somewhat similar to the cinnamon bark but slightly milder. Bay leaves are a popular culinary flavoring in classic and contemporary cuisines which stimulates the appetite. A popular spice used in pickling and marinating and to flavor stews, stuffings, and fish, bay leaves are delicately fragrant but have a bitter taste. It is an essential ingredient in many classic sauces.

Medicinal Usage:

It has astringent, diuretic and digestive qualities and is a good appetite stimulant. When pulped these leaves can be applied as an astringent to burns and bruises. Oil from ripe berries is used in liqueurs, perfume and in veterinary field. 


These trees grow in rich, well-drained soil in full sun. The cultivation of Indian Bay leaves is mainly done in the Arabian, America and Europe countries.

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