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Cashew Nuts

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What’s in here?


Cashews, the sweet, buttery nuts aren’t just delicious but have a gamut of health benefits. Our cashews are ready to be eaten straight out of the box! It’s a common ingredient in desserts. Cashews are rich in protein and they can be relished as a garnish in various kinds of sweets (e.g. Kaju Barfi), desserts, baked foods and other dishes before taking them of the heat. It boosts your nut intake. This makes them more effective than nuts in thickening water-based dishes such as soups, meat stews, and some Indian milk-based desserts. Many Southeast Asian cuisines use cashews for this unusual characteristic, rather than other nuts.

With zero cholesterol and high levels of minerals, cashews improve blood circulation, control blood cholesterol, and are effective for weight management. Cashews are also a rich source of antioxidants, and monounsaturated fats, which promote cardiovascular health.

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