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Dried Apricots

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Apricots also known as Jardalu a delicious and nutritious treat. Apricots are best summer time fruits. Apricots are small velvety skin fruit with some flesh and not so juicy but very smoothie and sweet-sour flavor. A ripe apricot contains a mellow taste, sweet with a hint of acid, but usually not extremely acidic. It can also be considered as an energizing snack to munch on. It is also used in the preparation of various juices, jams, squash and jellies.

The high beta-carotene content helps maintain a good immune system, and improves eye and skin health. It is rich in normal sugar, calcium, vitamin C, vitamin B complex, riboflavin, vitamin A and niacin. Apricot oil can also be obtained from its kernel, and those powerful essential oils also have a lot of important impacts on health. Apricots are excellent source of iron and copper and believed to be an excellent natural supplement for anemic people which help in increasing hemoglobin levels.

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