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Great Quality Hazelnuts, Buy Online at Rural Spices


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What’s in here?


These organic raw hazelnuts blend sweet, nutty flavor with a mouthwatering crunch, making for a treat to complement any occasion. Chopped hazelnuts are the perfect topping for desserts and chocolates. Hazelnuts from healthy alternatives are a premium quality product that can be used in cakes, chocolate truffles, nutella and many more. The combination of hazelnuts with milk, sugar, and fruits will results in a delicious desserts or smoothie. Whether you decide to enjoy them out of the bag, baked in pastries, tossed in a salad or crushed into nut butter, you'll be blown away by the premium quality of this hazelnut raw treat. Our hazelnuts are a healthy snack that will make you a swoon. The delicious flavor of the hazelnut is also popularly added to coffee and liqueurs and the oil from the nut can be used for cooking.

Hazelnuts reduce bad cholesterol level in blood and improve heart health. Hazelnuts are rich in protein, iron, phosphorus, folate and vitamins B1, B2, C & E.

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