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Order Online Fresh Pistachios With Shell, Great Quality Only at Rural Spices


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What’s in here?


Rural Spices pistachios are a wonderful snack for a nutritious and wholesome experience that helps with weight loss and healthy living. These pistas contain fewer calories and more potassium and vitamin K per serving than any other nut. Pistachios are a good source of dietary fiber, vitamin B6, thiamine, phosphorus and copper. These raw pistachio kernels are perfect for grinding down into a 'meal', powder or flour to add to ice-cream or macaroon mix. Pistachios also work well as a savory ingredient you can roughly crush them and sprinkle them over salad and stir into pasta. Pistachios lend themselves well to making into fresh pesto instead of pine nuts and can be used in place of pine nuts on top of a cheese pizza. Also useful for making a vegetarian stuffing.

These pistas reduce bad cholesterol, and increases good cholesterol, in the body. The pistas are vacuum packed for freshness and crispiness to last long. It as they are sometimes called are well-liked because of their little size, green color and simple to open shells.

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