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Sambar Powder

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What’s in here?


Sambar is a kind of legume or vegetable stew or soups. Sambar is often served over steamed rice and also with idly, dosa, etc,. Rural Spices brings you the best in class ready to use Sambar Masala powder to prepare a variety of sambar by using this special mix. Make your sambar mouthwatering using this powder which is flavoured with natural spices which adds extra taste and aroma to your sambar. The sambar powder is made out of coriander seeds, red chilies, black pepper, fenugreek seeds, cumin seeds. This powder makes wonders to your sambar and adds extra taste. All you need to make a tasty recipe is little toor dal, onions, tomatoes and this aromatic sambar powder. Instead of grinding each spice separately, you can use this powder and reduce your cooking time and energy.

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