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Rural Spices Walnuts, Buy Online Akhrot at Best Prices


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Walnuts are wonderful nuts packed with high protein content and omega 3 fatty acids which are vital for cell growth, preventing diseases and boosting immune system . Walnuts are eaten raw or used in various desserts. In addition to their rich taste and culinary versatility, walnuts are one of the healthiest nuts on Earth. Extra Light colored half -& an ideal energy snack for health and taste. A perfect gift for your loved ones - A mouthful is always good.

Walnuts play a significant role in reducing the risk of heart disease. The heart benefits of walnuts include lowering cholesterol, reducing inflammation and improving arterial function. A handful of these each day will ensure you get the health benefits to the fullest. The walnuts can be added to cakes pies and other exotic dishes as well to enhance their flavor.

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