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White Pepper Powder

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What’s in here?


White Pepper powder is used in white or light colored dishes and sauces so that there won’t be any black flecks.  White pepper tastes a little bit hot, a little bit winey and a great deal earthy. And it is widely used in Indian, Asian and Mexican cuisines. In Indian cuisine, white pepper is used in white or creamy based curries, seafood dishes. It is also used in pies and creamy soups, white sauces like mayonnaise, etc,. With subtle yet balanced notes of pepper charisma, white pepper serves as the best aesthetic seasoning for your cuisines. Organic white pepper is mostly used in continental cuisines for aesthetic reasons. It brings the subtle spiciness and a glow to the overall look and feel of the dishes.

White Pepper is an excellent source of manganese, vitamin K and iron. Since white pepper is rich in flavonoids , vitamins C and A, it is quite helpful in keeping the blood pressure under control.

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